Week 1 – T Starts a Blog

There’s a fine line between living and dying, and I won’t pretend to be some sort of expert on the subject, but where I tend to draw the line has so much to do with complacency, apathy, and passiveness (I would suppose listing synonyms in groups of three to make a point, when any one of the three would suffice, may fall on the side of dying, but that’s neither here nor there).  Not to say there isn’t something to be said about sitting back and watching life go by, but what I’m talking about is life going by without so much as a glance.  This line between living and dying is certainly not a straight one, I’d say it’s less Clopin Trouillefou and more Quasimodo, less Abbey Road and more Vermont Street, less Pine Tree and more Banyan (three synonymous analogies, I need help).  The point is, on any given day we all spend time both living and dying, throughout our lives (not to equate being alive with living) we all spend time both living and dying, but sometimes we get caught off guard, and routine sets in a little bit, and the scale tips more toward the dying part than the living part, the compass starts to point more toward dying than living, and avoiding that third synonym becomes a challenge.  And that challenge is why I’m here, over the next 52 weeks, my accomplice and I are going to be challenging each other to live, or at least spend more time on the side of living than we otherwise may?

We’re starting from scratch here, but this is what we came up with so far…we’ll both agree on a challenge (more on this in a moment) one of us will do our best to accomplish the feat put before us in one weekish.  At the conclusion of the week, that person will take some time to write about their experience and the outcome of the challenge in order to post it in the tub.  While that person is taking time to write about the challenge, the other will commence the same challenge, and then do the same with regard to writing it up, and posting for the world to read/ignore.  We will attempt to do this for the next 52 weeks, giving us 26 challenges and summaries each.

So what are the challenges, we aren’t exactly sure yet, but I hope each challenge is something that will allow us to be more sensitive to what it means to be alive, or at least spend more time on that side than the alternative.  One wrinkle we are throwing in is you (if you exist, and are actually reading)…if you have any suggestions that two busy people can pull off in a week, provided it sparks our sensitivity and doesn’t land us in jail, then we are open to suggestions.

And on a final note or two…my third grade teacher told me to never start a sentence with the word “and”, and also never to end a sentence with the word “and”.  So much for that valuable lesson, but thanks anyway Mrs. Smolinski.  Also and finally, writing the word ‘synonym’ is so much better than saying it, I cannot tell you how often I try to say ‘synonym’ and ‘cinnamon’ comes out, it’s like saying ‘nuculur’ when you are trying to say ‘nuclear’ there is just no bouncing back from that in a conversation!

Welcome to the tub!

– T


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