Week 2 – V Starts a Blog

T’s suggestion that we pair up on a blog is simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying things to happen to me in recent memory. Exciting because I get to create something with one of my favorite people on this planet, terrifying because I don’t want to let T or our real/imaginary readers down. Regardless, here I am, accepting the very first challenge of The Cynics Tub: Start a Blog.

My goal for this journey is a selfish one: Step outside of my hectic life for one week, every two weeks, for a year to experience and reflect on something I otherwise would not have exposure to. As a young-ish thirty-something, I am focused on building a career, navigating relationships, finding balance with family and friends. I fall prey to a high-level of self-involvement and catch myself letting days (maybe even weeks sometimes) go by without stopping to be thankful, or even thoughtful of the world bustling by around me. My goal for the next 52 weeks is to live a little larger, test my comfort zone, and push myself towards growth and learning in ways I might not otherwise ordinarily consider.

Life is happening all the time, all around us. I don’t just want to go through the motions. Why not use one of my youthful years to do some good, make some strides, and blog about it?

I am committed to attempting any challenge that doesn’t violate my absurdly vague and caveat-laden moral code, isn’t subject to state and/or federal prosecution (class C misdemeanors will be considered on a case by case basis), or violate the laws of physics. So, if anyone out there in the blogosphere has a challenge suggestion that they feel holds promise for social or personal enrichment, could make T and/or I stupid-rich, or would offer a memory of a lifetime, lay it on us. I am also open to opportunities to laugh at T, or even myself.

Here goes nothing.

– V


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