Week 5: V Reads a Book She Would Never Otherwise Read – The Plan

Let the record state that T clearly stole my idea to read a romance novel for his challenge. From the moment we settled on this challenge, I knew romance novel would be my genre. Surely T would choose something like Self-Help or Knitting for Dummies, right? Alas, he did not, and I was left to scramble for some other genre with which to complete my challenge.

I wandered into my favorite bookstore, dejected and wondering what else I could possibly read that would not normally appeal to me. After perusing aisle after aisle, taking in the smells and feels of all the books (this is my favorite part of book shopping. I sort of wish I could just make a bedroom out a bookstore aisle and live among the high shelves that house paper and ink), I wandered into a previously undiscovered section of the store: Paranormal Romance.

Take that, T! I would not normally read a romance novel, but I definitely would never be naturally inclined to read a PARANORMAL romance novel. I realize this is probably blasphemous to T, who I now know harbors real feelings for Twilight. You never really know people, do you?

Sadly, my little bookstore had no alcohol or personal lubricants for me to add to my purchase. There is an adult “themed” store just next door and I considered going in for a ball gag and accoutrements (do Paranormal Romance novels venture down that path? A girl can dream…), but thought better of it and high tailed it home.

Without further ado, I give you one of the worst books ever written:

Dark Desire by Christine Feehan. A quick Google search tells me this book is part of a larger series, may be in movie rights negotiation, and is rated 4.2 on Good Reads. We’ll see about all that…


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