Week 10: 10 Atypical Things V is Grateful for Every Day for a Week

I spend quite a bit of time trying to keep perspective and to live a life of gratitude. After all, I have more things to be thankful for than I have to be upset about; really, I’ve made a pretty nice little life for myself. We are all grateful for the obvious good in our life, but I am often more thankful for things one would not typically consider good or worthy of thanks. They are the small things that get us through the day, make us laugh, and teach us lessons in humility and grace.

Day 1:

1. Poor eye vision – sometimes I like to sit outside at dusk without contacts and watch the world through blurry eyes. Clearly, I am weird, but I love how crisp lines dissolve and the scene becomes watercolor.

2. Baseboards – they really bring a room together

3. Kitten claws – they hurt, but damn it all if they aren’t adorable

4. Bananas

5. Unreliable wifi – bonus points when lack of a signal gets you out of a crappy webinar you didn’t want to suffer through anyway

6. Eyebrow waxes

7. Pledge – I get far too excited when I swipe that magical polish onto furniture…

8. Insomnia – so much more time for activities with my cat!

9. Online shopping – The perfect accompaniment to my insomnia

10. Alarm clocks – I would be lost without em’

Day 2:

1. Traffic – The perfect opportunity to explore new music, or spent quality time with old favorites

2. Whiny, rich people – a not-so-friendly reminder that money doesn’t buy class and that happiness if up to you, not your circumstances

3. Addiction – I have been surrounded by it my entire life, and yet, I am not an addict. Few things have shaped my outlook on life as much as growing up with addiction in my family. I’m not thankful for the disease, but I am thankful for the lessons it has taught me

4. Anticipation – I love anticipation. I love everything about it. To me, there are few things greater than the wait of something worthwhile that you know is coming

5. Sneezes – I like the way they feel…

6. Black – it really is the perfect color

7. Altoids – they hurt so good

8. Kettlebells

9. Pre-cut fruit

10. Vinegar

Day 3:

1. The gym – it burns so good!

2. Tacos

3. Musicians – I think they are the greatest people in the world. If I get to choose five people to go into an apocalyptic situation with, I’m choosing musician, philosopher, doctor, engineer, and an individual yet to be determined

4. Pot Lucks

5. Death – It authenticates life

6. T (this is not at all atypical. I totally cheated. T made day 3 so much better and he’s getting a nod for it, damn it)

7. My Favorite Mistake – something about it will always make me feel 18 and flawless

8. Frienemies – While you don’t trust them, they are fun…

9. Caller ID – Am I right?

10. Strangers – I enjoy messing with them

Day 4:

1. Hangovers – it’s the price you pay for good times and shenanigans

2. Aleve

3. OJ (the juice, to be clear)

4. Extra long iphone chargers – the better to not move from my couch tent and movie marathon, my dear

5. Flannel – it is the most perfect fabric

6. Cheese

7. Men – fascinating creatures…

8. Falling Asleep in Cars – I really do think cars are my favorite place to sleep. I’ve fallen asleep in people’s cars who I’ve barely known… something about it just relaxes the hell out of me

9. Family Chain Texts – always good for a laugh. The more dysfunction, the funnier!

10. Sobriety Amidst Drunkenness – Drunk Guy: “You should ask that bartender why he has a straw behind his ear. That’s crazy!” Sober Me: “Yeah, that’s a pen” Drunk Guy: “A PEN?! Why would he have a pen behind his ear. You’re crazy!” Sober Me: “I can’t be sure, but probably so he can mark drinks down on their tabs” Drunk Guy: “Oh, man. That’s so true. You’re really smart. Wow, hey *elbows friend next to him*, dude, this chick is a genius!” End scene.

Day 5:

1. Waking Up To A Cat Meowing In Your Face – love

2. Cake Batter Chapstick

3. Witty Aussie Lads –  http://youtu.be/ComTdJ-weHg

4. The Newsroom

5. Extra-Large Coffee Mugs

6. When Heavy/Awkward Furniture Has Casters – genius

7. That Social Media Was Not A Thing When I Was A Teenager

8. Charlie Hunnam

9. Cozy Socks

10. Kneading Bread – cathartic, arm workout, end result is divine

Day 6:

1. Haters – Bring it on

2. Perspective – I don’t think I would give up perspective for all the money in the world

3. Being 33 – I might just like my 30’s.

4. Killin’ em’ With Kindness

5. Boots – Fun Fact: If I were a shoe, I would be a scuffed-up, but perfectly comfortable tall, black leather, over the knee, motorcycle boot.

6. Buttons – If there is a button nearby, I’m going to have a REALLY hard time not pushing it. Literally, and metaphorically speaking

7. People Who Go Out Of Their Way To See You

8. Super Hot Baths

9. Augusten Burroughs – I’m just not sure there is a more perfect writer

10. Pureed Pumpkin

Day 7:

1. Sunday Funday

2. Droga (Day Drunk Yoga)

3. Sludge Metal – Give me swampy, grunge, slow groove or give me death

4. Remotes – Because I remember the torture of having to get up and turn the channel for my parents

5. Whiskey

6. Protein Powder – aka Vanilla Meat Powder

7. Patios with pals.

8. My Complete Lack of Artistic Ability – I wish I could do something, anything, artistic. Perhaps because I can’t, I have a deep appreciation for those who can

9. Dishwashers

10. Fresh starts


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