Week 11: T takes a different photo every day for a week!

I promised myself I would just take some photos, and just shut the fuck up for this challenge. Let the pictures speak for themselves, BUT I have to at least explain my motivation for this post (so much for promises). A few years ago I was selected as 1 of 2 people for a new program which makes use of a new multi media center at my school. This was not something I wanted anything to do with, but my dean hand selected me to participate so there I was. The project was to bring others into your life through photos. I really didn’t need any help on this one, basically take pictures of stuff that lets others know a little about you, toss it on some program, and answer ridiculous questions. “Oh I see you like books?” “Oh is that a picture of nature, do you like nature?” “Oh I never new you liked that?” I’m not sure why every response started with “Oh”, but I’m pretty sure my only reply to the grand opening of the media center was something along the lines of “Books are great, nature too, yep I like that…can I go? I’m just gonna to go.” I learned at that moment that being on the dean’s good side is just as bad as being on the dean’s bad side.

Aside from the colossal waste of time this project forced upon me, I was also tortured by the person running the program…Carrie! She taught me how to use the cameras, and the editing software, and also gave me an example portfolio that she’d been working on. That’s where things got weird, but before getting too deep I need to preface the rest of this story with a little factoid about myself.

I HATE FEET! I just don’t like them, they moisten themselves with clammy foot sweat, they can stink, the lack of uniformity is unnerving, the skin can peal, nails can get fungus, they really are the worst part of the human body. I literally almost changed my major when I was assigned My Left Foot as the focus of a paper on aesthetic and philosophical value in film. One time I even had to break-up with someone (among other reasons) because they couldn’t sleep next to me without putting their cold slimy feet on my legs. In high school gym class a girl told me I had pretty feet, to which our swimming coach replied, “no one has pretty feet, some feet are just less ugly than others”. Sage response coach, sage response. Some feet are just less ugly that others.

Carrie busted out her ‘this is me’ portfolio…Image one: Carrie with her legs out stretched and her cat lying just behind her feet. Gross, I just shook it off as a cat lady whose feet happened to be in the photo of her cat. Image two: Carrie with knitting yarn haphazardly lying around her feet. What the fuck? I guess that could have been a coincidence that she had two pictures of things she liked and both happened to be around her stubby puff feet? Image three: Carrie holding a fork and knife around a plate of spaghetti, sounds normal enough until you see that she is holding the fork and knife with her toes. JESUS CHRIST CARRIE WERE YOU RAISED BY SWAPNA AUGUSTINE? What is going on right now? I had to ask ‘what is it with the feet?’ Carrie went on to explain that it could be fun to have some specific item used in each of the photos in the portfolio. As I swallowed the vomit that had accumulated in my mouth, I told her that I think I’m good…I have a few Ideas. I was about to get up and leave as she put her foot on my leg and began rubbing it up and down. I was in shock, this is literally my worst nightmare realized, although there was no skin to skin contact, I could feel toe pressure on my shin. I can still feel it today, like a scar burnt into the epidermis by Satan’s hoof. I laughed it off and excused myself, as I left I cursed the Karma monster, and told it that we’re even! I have no idea what happened to Carrie, I saw her at my portfolio presentation, and never heard from her again. She just vanished. And I didn’t ask questions.

Never-the-less, I’ll take what I learned from Carrie the disappearing demon with a foot fetish, and offer a different photo each day of something that reflects my interests and life, and I promise no quirky little pattern to hold each photo in common, and NO FEET!

Day 1: Pepper…My best bud, I mentioned her before, here she is!


Day 2: Nature…I wouldn’t make it a week if it weren’t for recharging in nature, even a simple stroll to a duck pond gives me a charge.

Baby Ducks

Day 3: I was raised on Basketball, to me it is the most important game ever invented!

Basketball Court

Day 4: Rock Climbing, the perfect combination of mental and physical excercise.


Day 5: Research, I get lost in it.  Here are some of the books I have read for my most recent work on the philosophy of love.

Philosophy of Love

Day 6: Pizza!!! I went out for pizza 5 times this week and forgot to take a photo until the last time…could I live without pizza? Yes. Would I want to?  No!FullSizeRender-1

Day 7: Philosophy…I’ve been hooked since my 1st exposure, and it all started with this book.


I’m not defined solely by these 7 things, but they most certainly go into the definiens that are used to describe me.

The take: This was a fun challenge, I am not the greatest or most original photographer, I’m definitely not on the level of Madam Carrie, but capturing some of the essence that defines me on a camera kind of makes that definition more tangible.  While this was a fun challenge, It may be more challenging to capture 7 things I strongly dislike.  Will that happen?  Hmmmm, you’ll have to wait and see dear reader.


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