Week 12: V Takes a Different Photo Every Day for a Week – Day 1 & 2

I happen to be a sucker for good photography. I lust after cameras, especially old cameras, even though I have no idea how to use them, mainly because I love what they are capable of creating. The idea of having a gallery wall of show posters mixed in with live action shots of bands, crowds, tour life candids, and the occassional fog-filled early morning landscape are the stuff my home decor dreams are made of. Well, that, highly pigmented walls adorned with rich wood bookshelves, and some well-placed skulls. I dig skulls.

I even bought a camera and took a handful of lessons in the hopes that I could catch time, capture light, steal moments. I had big plans. Coffee table book plans. Gallery wall plans. Photography was going to be my medium. I was going to be the next Ansel Adams/Annie Leibovitz hybrid (or possibly the first said hybrid).

I’ll spare you the story of my first, and last, photography project. It involved a local nature preserve, me trying to be real artsy with some swamp shots, and a very large water moccasin. I bet Ansel Adams never had to deal with water moccasins.

I ended up selling that camera, and pretty much the only pictures I take nowadays are of my cat, obligatory band action shots with uber-awesome lighting, and of random things when I’ve had too much to drink. Tipsy V apparently thinks these things are are pertinent, or is still holding onto her Ansel Leibovitz dreams, but sober V is rarely impressed.

Anywho, onto the challenge!

Day 1:


Meet Harley. Pretty much my favorite thing in the history of ever. Everyone has a “Favorites” folder in their phone camera album. Mine happens to be filled with 84 pictures of Harley, and one picture of Harley and me together. My cat’s awesome. Judge me.

Oh, hell, why not? One more, because Harley’s face when we watch horror movies is classic. What’s that? Why yes, I am single.


Day 2:


Meet Goatwhore. Goatwhore is a group of lovely lads from New Orleans and Austin who melt faces with their signature brand of death/thrash/extreme/insert subgenre here metal. They’ve been around since the 90’s and if you know, YOU KNOW. If you don’t know, allow me to ease you into the blessed waters real nice and gentle like with what I consider to be a  good intro song. I’d post my favorite Goatwhore songs, but I appreciate that even the band name may ruffle some feathers and the songs I hold near and dear make their band name sound like KittenKuddles. If you’re interested, shoot us a message and I’ll gladly send you more recommendations! Listen to that riffage!


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