Week 12: V Takes a Different Photo Every Day – Days 3-7

What a whirlwind week! Let’s allow the photos to do the talking, yes?

Day 3:

How I support my metal gig and Jameson habit…

Day 3 consisted of a very long day in the office. Riveting subject matter, I know.

Day 4:


Day 4 was another snooze fest photo-material wise. Just another long day in the office, followed by an evening of super fun adult things like laundry and scrubbing my kitchen tile grout with a toothbrush and bleach with Burzum blaring in the background. I did walk into the living room after my black metal cleaning session to see this adorableness though. Harley straight up tucked herself into a blanket, you guys. How adorable is that?

Day 5:

Black Rheno (and Jim) @ Texas Mist

Day 5 saw me hightailing it to Austin to partake in some SXSW shenanigans. I raged with some of my favorite ATX folks to some rad rock (thanks, Crank County Daredevils!) and then boogied over to another bar to meet up with Aussie legends, Black Rheno. Look at those mugs! Killer dudes who play killer tunes – what’s better? Harley tucked into a blanket gives them a run for their money, but Harley can’t play guitar, so Black Rheno wins out by the narrowest of margins.

Day 6:

Look at that production value!

Austin to Houston to Beaumont to Houston. More killer tunage. Today marks 6 live shows in 7 days – a near flawless musical victory. I arrive in Beaumont with a gal pal after surviving I-10 traffic and a bee apocalypse. Mayhaps it was the caffeine overdose paired with the nagging remnants of a hangover, the lack of sleep, the road weariness, or some trifecta of the three, but the backwood ingenuity of the stage pyrotechnics had me in stitches. Good on you, opening band. Good on you.

Day 7:

Diablo Macabre prints

This dude is wicked talented. I wanted about five other prints as well, but my available on hand cash limited me to just two.

Support local music. Support local art. Support your scene. Support your happiness. *PSA COMPLETE*

Since it was technically after midnight, we’re calling this Day 7. The wee hours of Day 7 also saw me in the audience for Austin shredders, The Blood Royale. Always brutal. Always a party.

The Take: Solid challenge! I’m in a state of musical nirvana. As a firm believer in curating experiences, I live for weeks like this. Life is good, friends. I was hoping to snap a pic of my other favorite weekly ritual of stringing up my hammock on some stretch of peaceful green space, as nature and zenning out to The Mother and her gifts are right up there with music in terms of what gives me joy. In fact, there are still a few hours left in the week, so excuse me while I go center my chi between two trees and catch up on zzz’s with some Peste Noire  as a lullaby.


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