T on V:

I want to start off by noting what an honor it is to be taking this trip with someone who I have known for a while, who I respect as a writer and even more as a person. There’s no need to go into the details of just what she brings to the table, as the next 365 days will provide substantial evidence of this. Speaking of tables, V had the entire multiplication table from 0-12 committed to memory by the time she was four years old, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She also collects pez dispensers, is the sickest athlete I have encountered, knows more about metal than a blacksmith, and uses the F-word more than anyone I have ever met. Let me put her into perspective like this: If you want to get better at chess, you play against better chess players, riding that analogy, I’m a better person because of her! With V in the tub we’re all in for what will assuredly be an amazing and fruitful ride.

V on T:

This is my third revision in my attempt to introduce you, our readers (if you exist), to T. If, in fact, we have no readers and it is just T and I writing and reading this little experiment of ours, I feel really silly typing three drafts trying to capture T’s essence perfectly for people who do not yet know and adore him. Regardless, introducing even imaginary people to T warrants the greatest care and effort. There is no other way to introduce T, except as one of the greatest people to ever live. Part basketball break-dancer, part philosoraptor, T has mastered the art of living in the moment and being present wherever he is and with whoever he is giving his attention. In truth, all the credit for this blog and our pending year-long adventure belongs to T. I count myself as extremely fortunate to have been chosen as his accomplice for this quest. Part of me says, “I’m not worthy”, but a larger part of me trusts that if T thinks I can do it, then surely I can. This is one of T’s greatest strengths – the ability to pull from others what they aren’t even aware they are capable of. T is a modern day renaissance man, and his wide array of skills and knowledge are sure to entertain real and imaginary readers alike. If there is one last thing about T I can leave you with, just to reiterate how amazing he is, it is this: He once signaled the collapse of an age-old ice cave simply by being too awesome while standing in said ice cave. If that doesn’t have you tuning in weekly to see what T will come up with next, I’m not sure what will.